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Factors to Consider in a Penguins Trade for Phil Kessel

The NHL draft is becoming the new trade deadline. While the deadline itself gets all the hype, reality is that it’s pretty difficult for teams to swap star players midseason. Think about it. How many true ‘hockey trades’ involving NHL […]

Emptying the Notebook on Penguins and Rangers

Tomorrow we’ll look at strategic adjustments Mike Johnston and the Pittsburgh Penguins have made to grab an early road victory from the New York Rangers. Today, let’s empty the notebook. Random thoughts on random players and an entertaining series between […]

Penguins Playbook: New Twist on an Old Faceoff Play

Pittsburgh had to adjust their faceoff plays after the departure of James Neal.

Penguins Playbook: Breaking Down the Breakout

The NHL had Mike Johnston figured out within six weeks.

5 Questions on Lapierre, College Free Agents, and Crosby’s Ice Time

Why do college free agents sign with the same handful of teams and has Sidney Crosby’s offensive production been impacted by lower ice time this season?